Vehicle Registration

Win A Trophie As Unique As Your Ride

A few bike spaces are still available.

Vehicle Registration is Full Join the Waitlist Below.

You will find the floor plan and vehicle classes below.

Reminder: Show quality vehicles are encouraged, vehicles that do not meet show quality standards may be rejected.

Advertising for businesses, events and the selling of merchandise is not allowed unless prior approval is given.

Registration Fees

Vehicle: $50

Motorcycle: $30

2023 Chrome in the Dome judging classes


20’s-40’s Truck

20’s Car

30’s Car

40’s Car

50’s Car Stock

50’s Car Modified

50’s Truck

60’ Car Stock

60’s Car Modified

60’s Sports Car

60’s Full size sport

60’s-80’s Truck

90’s-up Trucks

New Muscle

Hot Rod

Off Road

Race Car (not street legal)

60’s Ford Pony

60’s Pony

64-67 Muscle

68-70 Muscle

70’s Sports Car

71-up Muscle

2023 Chrome in the Dome Floor Plan