About Chrome In The Dome

Chrome in the Dome is organized and performed by students in the ISU Automotive Collision program,

Automotive Technology program, and instructors. Experience gained from this event teaches students

many organizational and life skills that they will continue to use throughout their careers. Chrome in the

Dome is a fundraiser for the SkillsUSA Association. The proceeds are used for scholarships and for

students’ SkillsUSA Association fees. With the SkillsUSA Association, students will attend competitions at

various levels including state and national competitions. These competitions help students to hone their

skills and prepare themselves for industry while building their resumes.

A unique thing about the show is the trophies that are awarded at the show. Each of the trophies are

hand-made by students from the ISU Automotive Collision and Automotive Technology programs. Each

student designs and builds their own original trophies from used car parts. Students put a lot of time,

energy, and creativity into making each of their trophies very unique.